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People Who Lie:

Why Do People Lie?

There are numerous reasons that some people lie.

It is often the case when someone is spreading false statements that they are afraid to use their real name for fear that their lies will be exposed and that they will also be exposed as the liars that they are.  They are also afraid because they know that the truth will humiliate them.

Below are some additional reasons that people lie:

(1) because they've done something wrong and want to hide the truth to avoid ridicule and/or prosecution;

(2) because they cannot get what they want or accomplish what they are trying to accomplish by telling the truth;

(3) because they feel inferior and want to make themselves seem important to others by stirring up trouble;

(4) because they are mean spirited people whose only chance at achieving a moment of stardom in their otherwise unimportant lives is to try to destroy others who are far more successful than themselves;

(5) for ulterior motives that are sinister;

(6) to get back at someone for turning them down and not allowing them to have what they want - such as applying to adopt a rescue dog and being turned down because they do not qualify - these people then write bad things about the rescue that turns them down, even though they are only writing out of vengeance to try to prevent others from getting what they weren't not allowed to have (it's the "If I can't have it, no one will get it" mentality);

(7) because crimes they have committted were discovered and they are using the "blame game" to shift the blame to others despite the fact that they are the guilty ones who are trying to cover up their own crimes;

(8) breeders lie and pretend to be rescues when they want to say false things about real rescues to get rid of the competition they feel exists to keeping the breeders from making big profits from selling endless numbers of puppies from their overbred dogs;

(9) because of the "pile on mentality" and "feeding frenzy mentality" where they have read lies written by others and feel compelled to add their own lies to support what they have read - even though what they are writing is not true either;

(10) because they are targeting someone as a group conspiracy and they feel that they need to keep lying so that others will keep believing their lies and keep targeting their common enemy and trying to ruin them, caring less that they are using lies to do so. Like the breeders and the dog killers targeting Gentle Giants Rescue by fabricating ridiculous lies that Gentle Giants Rescue breeds dogs - when it is only the breeders who are breeding dogs. They lose sight of the fact that they are lying and rationalize that they are all lying for the same common cause; and

(11) for many other reasons based upon their own insecurity and lack of self worth.

Who Are The Liars?

Angela Morin Marc Sayer  
Barbara Laird Kami O'Brien  
Brenda Plevyak Jennifer M.  
Courtnay Reeder    
(more to come)    

Now you will be able to see the real names of these liars. The majority of them never adopted a dog from Gentle Giants, have little or no knowledge about the rescue, and are just fabricating stories . In the few cases that they did adopt a dog from GG, you will see photos and videos and actual medical records showing that every one of these liars adopted beautiful healthy dogs!

These liars are often fanatical people who write lies and tell stories that have no basis in truth.  They have no morals and no conscience.  As you see their stories exposed, you will see that some of them have even committed crimes against animals and even against humans, in one case against an innocent human baby and did jail time for their crimes.

Some of them have abused their adopted dogs and some have even killed their adopted dogs, and they are looking to the public for sympathy for what they have done in violation of their contracts and in violation of the laws of humanity. These fanatical liars also try their best to prevent the truth from being told by deleting it from their message boards. Read on and see how some who tried to tell the truth were stopped by these liars. The posts on this site have been sent all over the internet and are common knowledge.

* See what happened when a real Gentle Giants adopter tried to defend against these lies and write the truth - even just tried to share "Both Points Of View" - The Gentle Giants adopter was thrown off the message board so that ONLY the lies could remain. Click here to read what happened: "Both Points of View."

 People Who Lie:  
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