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 People Who Lie: Angela Morin  


Meet Angela Morin of Moreno Valley, California.  Angela is part of a Great Dane Meet-up message board forum whose organizer Brenda likes to make up false stories and write lies about Gentle Giants Rescue. Brenda has already been caught in her lies.  Angela has now decided to make up some BIG lies of her own about Gentle Giants Rescue. 

Angela follows up Brenda's false post by saying, with false and self-righteous conviction, so many lies about Gentle Giants Rescue that we are amazed.  Below we will expose the lies and reveal the truth. Angela also volunteers for West Coast Mastiff Rescue, whose founder Elaine Hudson, works with Gentle Giants Rescue. You will also read what Elaine Hudson, the founder of West Cost Mastiff Rescue has to say about the vicious. flat out lies written by Angela and about Elaine's support of the great experience she has had working with Gentle Giants Rescue and Tracy Ward over the years to save lives.

Angela's many lies exposed and disproven with the truth:

(1) Angela states the following lies about Gentle Giants Rescue:
"Are you aware of the Borzoi pups she has in her yard that attaches to the main house? Those pups she got from Texas and those dogs are from a breeder."

This is a total lie. Gentle Giants Rescue has NEVER gotten a Borzoi puppy from Texas - not one and not ever. Gentle Giants rescues giant breed dogs of all ages from all across America when each of these dogs face a certain death.  Puppy rescues are rare in proportion to the more than 1,000 to 1500 dogs whose lives are saved each year by Gentle Giants.  The few Borzoi puppies that have been rescued by Gentle Giants Rescue came to them through their partnership with a group of animal shelters that are regulating California Borzoi breeders who do too much breeding.  That is one of the reasons that GG is so strong in their support of the new laws that are now being proposed to finally control breeders, and Gentle Giants regularly works with animal shelters to get these new laws passed.

Why does Angela so boldly lie about this? Who knows?  Her life must be fairly empty and mundane for her to having nothing better to do than gossip trash about people who actually do what she doesn't know how to do and can't afford to do - to actually save lives every day and spend their own time, effort and money doing it.

(2)  Angela's next big lie,
"Those pups she got from Texas and those dogs are from a breeder. GGR is working with this breeder to bring in Borzois, because they can make more money off of them here in California. She charges a whooping $1500 for them."

So we now already know as a FACT that GG has NEVER gotten a Borzoi pup from Texas.  Lets move on to shine the truth on Angela's additional lies.

Gentle Giants Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public benefit charity.  They do not make money off of any dogs.  They rescue and adopt dogs and spend far more on the dogs than they can ever recoup.  Gentle Giants Rescue has NEVER in all of its years of operation ever charged more than  $990.00 for any dog (and that is a rarity for them to even charge that much as their adoption fees range from $490 - $990.00 and most are in between), even though they sometimes spend thousands of dollars in transportation and medical costs for individual dogs that they rescue.  Angela has no access to and has never seen any of Gentle Giants adoption agreements, bank accounts, or financial transactions.  Angela is ignorant of any information about Gentle Giants - everything that she writes is what she has made up in her pathetic, sick mind, though neither Tracy Ward nor Elaine Hudson of West Coast Mastiff Rescue, who introduced Angela to Tracy Ward, can figure out why Angela would make up such lies, since Tracy Ward was nice to Angela though she only met Angela once and for less than ten to fifteen minutes.

(3)  Another Angela lie . . .
"GGR has been known to breed their Danes. On their website they are always advertising puppies. I've been in rescue for 8 months now and we've never gotten in puppies like that. Makes you wonder???"

No, it doesn't make you wonder why in Gentle Giants 14 years of operation throughout the entire United States, combined with their very deep financial pockets, that they could rescue puppies from time to time along with young, adult and senior dogs from wherever they are in need.

As clearly stated on the Gentle Giants Rescue Website,

"We are a TRUE rescue!  We ONLY rescue!  We NEVER breed!  We save EVERY life!

No dog has ever been bred by the Wards or by Gentle Giants Rescue. They only rescue and save lives everyday. This is a fact!

Gentle Giants Rescue does not advertise puppies anywhere - Gentle Giants rescue has heartwarming photos all over their wonderful website of big dogs and puppies that they have rescued and adopted over the 14 years that they have been doing rescue and this is also a fact.

Angela states that she has been in rescue for 8 months.  Wow!  We hope her vast experience of 8 months helps her figure out how she will explain so many lies about a rescue that has saved the lives of more than 11,000 dogs over the course of 14 years.  Who knows?  We don't think people should lie, period, Angela!!!

And after a mere 8 months of rescue, WHY would an animal shelter call you to rescue their puppies when they already have a 14 year relationship with Gentle Giants Rescue and call them because they KNOW what a great job they are doing?  Not to mention, Angela, you have already stated that you just closed down your own rescue because you could not afford to do it and it was affecting your personal life.

So, WHY would any shelter be calling you for anything, Angela?  To have you stammer on the phone and explain to them that you're broke and can't afford to help?  Obviously not, they call the people who know what they're doing and who spend whatever it takes to save every life - they call Gentle Giants Rescue.

Read Angela's quote below (in bold and very large letters as copied exactly from the top of the home page of Angela's now defunct "rescue" website) as to why she is no longer going to rescue dogs:

"Attention Fellow Dog Lovers and Friends!

 I wanted to let everyone know, come March or the beginning of April I will no longer continue BestFriends Rescue. It's become a financial burden to me and I feel this is the best thing for me right now. I hope to start a rescue sometime in the future again. I will be focusing more on building my career as a dog trainer. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me via email or telephone me at 951-488-1784. Thank you so much and I hope to see everyone again in the future. Take Care!

Good for you, Angela, who needs "financial burdens" when you are "building your career" and doing the "best thing for me right now" even if dogs are left to suffer and die - good thing those shelters call Gentle Giants Rescue and not YOU!!!!

Angela's very short run of rescue became more of a liability for her finances than she was willing or able to accept. The fact that she then turned against a rescue that admits finances are not a concern in saving lives makes you wonder if her entire lie on the posting was due to envy of what she could not accomplish herself?

(4) Still another Angela lie:
"I have an aggressive Mastiff that came from her rescue. He was suppose to be adopted out, but unfortunately it would be a liability to place him. Not only that, I couldn't imagine what he'd do to a child or elderly person, so I kept him. I'm still working on his aggression. When he came here, he smelled so awful, three baths didn't cut it.  He almost took off the vet's arm when we went in to get fecal tests done. His eyes were so raw from where the flies had eaten at and he had sores all over his elbows and hind quarters from sitting in a kennel on concrete all day. This guy was a mess. Now I question whether he has diabetes, because he is so overweight, and I've kept him on a strict diet and he drinks tons of water."

The Mastiff that Angela has was friendly and loving to all at GG.  This dog came to GG a little shy and afraid, but with love and reassurance became very outgoing and friendly. GG paid to have him neutered and examined by several vets while he was at GG and the dog was determined to be in good health.  He lived with kids prior to coming to GG and was friendly to everyone at GG.

Because GG is continually taking in dogs that are in need, they try to work with other rescues that they believe are reputable to take some of the dogs they are called about. One such rescue that GG works with is West Coast Mastiff Rescue. Elaine Hudson, the founder of West Coast Mastiff Rescue has worked with Tracy Ward and Gentle Giants now for years and knows very well that GG takes dogs out of shelters needing expensive operations that no other rescues could save and Elaine has driven these dogs to GG long before she started hew own rescue. She still brings dogs in need to GG even though she operates her rescue.  Elaine has personally thanked Tracy Ward countless times for taking these dogs that would have been left in the shelter to die had GG not been able to rescue them.  There are so many dogs in need and so few real rescues to help them, GG has to take most of them and it is a constant battle to rescue and save every life even when the dogs are not in critical condition. 

Because GG is committed to taking every one of their breeds in need regardless of the costs involved, they often have to board dogs if there are too many to take in at any given time.  GG and West Coast Mastiff Rescue (WCMR) have been working together because WCMR is a new rescue that wants to help, and though they can't take in lots of needy dogs because they cannot afford the expense, they can take dogs from owners and they also work with GG to take some of the many dogs that GG has already done everything for - dogs that are healthy and have been spayed or neutered, sweet and trained and are ready to be adopted because by doing so, GG does not have to spend more than $450.00 dollars a month boarding each of the dogs.  Although GG would forgo getting an adoption fee for these dogs that they have spent lots of money on, they save more by not having to board and they also have more space to take the needy dogs requiring expensive operations and months of care that few other rescues are willing or able to save.  Gentle Giants Rescue and WCMR have a good relationship as do Tracy Ward and Elaine Hudson, and they work together for all the right reasons - to save the breeds that they love.

Angela volunteers for WCMR. In the case of Brutus, the dog that Angela adopted, and a group of other dogs that GG gave to West Coast Mastiff Rescue founder, Elaine Hudson, they took those dogs because they were healthy and all of their medical issues were already taken care of by GG.  WCM rescue did GG the favor of helping them make space to take more dogs without having to pay high boarding bills and GG did WCM Rescue the favor of giving them adoptable dogs that they could find homes for that were healthy, trained and ready to go and would not cause them any financial burden.  They only had to adopt them and collect the adoption fee for all of them.  Tracy Ward gave them the dogs because she was taking in more dogs at the time that needed expensive medical care and did not want to have to put dogs into boarding. 

Elaine Hudson can and will vouch for the fact that every dog that she took from GG was healthy, beautiful and clean.  She is amazed that Angela has said anything different. You can read Elaine Hudson's comments below at the end.  She took Brutus because he looked great and was very healthy. Elaine remembers that he was walked out of Tracy Ward's home and greeted a whole family of people who had already adopted several dogs from GG and were there to foster that day. Brutus then came right over and met Elaine in just as friendly a way.  The family who was there to foster asked to adopt Brutus because he was so nice, huge and friendly and Tracy Ward declined and decided to forgo the adoption because she had already agreed to give him to Elaine for WCMR to adopt and that family instead fostered another two dogs that day which made more room  for GG to save even more lives.  There was nothing wrong with Brutus.  He was in great health, and was great with other animals and with all people.  Elaine later told Tracy Ward that Brutus was adopted by one of her volunteers, Angela. Brutus was kept by Angela because she fell in love with him, not because of any of the lies she is writing here.  She, too, said that Brutus was great with everyone, was a real "cutie pie"  and that she loved him. 

Below you can read Angela's great email about Brutus written to Tracy Ward:

Subject: Brutus Pictures
From: Crue13@aol.com
Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2008 17:12:03 EDT
To: tracy@gentlegiantsrescue.com

Hi Tracy,
This is Angela, the girl you met today with Elaine with West coast Mastiffs. Here are some pics of "Brutus."
He is a cutie pie! Have a great day, it was wonderful to have met you!
Warmest Wags,

Angela's need to attack Tracy Ward's politeness after she so warmly greeted her in the posted email above just take Angela's lies further in the muck she was trying to create with her slurs and show clearly that she is a two faced person who cannot be trusted. She is a person who can lie to someone's face with niceness and stab the same person in the back when they turn around.  

Anyone reading the above email can see that Angela knew Brutus was in good health and was a sweet,wonderful dog and was thanking Tracy Ward in the above email for giving him to Elaine so that Angela could have the opportunity to adopt him. Angela has no conscience as both of these posts were made within a short period of about a month and all can see just how easily she can lie right in the face of her own statements of fact and how little morals and/or credibility she has. All can see that Angela can state the truth in one conversation and lie in the next. Looking closely at what Angela has done here makes you wonder if she has mental problems or if she just spends her life striking out at those she envies because they are not financially strapped as Angela is and because they are able to accomplish what Angela cannot. We are sure that everyone talking to a two faced liar like you in the future, Angela, will be watching their backs.

Facts about the dog Angela adopted from WCMR:

Brutus was vet checked several times by regular vets and specialist vets when he first came to GG.  He was neutered and heart worm tested because he was originally transported from another state.  Also, he was X-rayed and found to be in good health.  Gentle Giants Rescue has photos and videos of Brutus including those taken just days before he went home with Elaine of WCMR to show that he was in great health and was clean and beautiful at the time he was given to Elaine.  Every dog that was taken by Elaine was vet checked and in good health.  Brutus did not have any cuts or scratches and because he was in their home, and he was clean and shiny. He was at a great weight and was playful and happy. There are no kennels at Gentle Giants Rescue. Brutus stayed in their home and slept on soft dog beds.  Because he was in their house, he did not have fly bites or raw areas from being on concrete. He was introduced to Elaine and went with her and the other dogs and was friendly and non-aggressive to everyone.

Brutus was also friendly to GG's vets on all occasions and was vet checked at GG several times by several of their vets.  If he was not friendly when being handled by Angela, it is likely because she doesn't know how to properly handle and introduce him.  And yet, Angela professes to be "building her career as a dog trainer."

Brutus and all the dogs taken by Elaine from Gentle Giants Rescue were healthy and free of all parasites.  All dogs at Gentle Giants Rescue have Advantix applied so they are free of fleas and ticks.  They are wormed several times with Ivermectin and Drontal Plus, so they are free of all mites, worms and parasites.  And all dogs are also treated for Giardia and Coccidia with Albon and Metronidazole to make sure that no dog will ever bring this to GG.  If Brutus or any of the other dogs have gotten any medical condition while with Angela, it certainly would have come from Angela's home because GG treats the dogs for everything and every dog was given a clean bill of health.

(5)  Angela's lies get more creative:

Angela says
, "Another thing is that GGR claims that they feed their specialty dog food to all their dogs. Well I saw Burt trying to get dog food for his rescue, when save-a-pet was giving free dog food to rescues. He was turned away because he's known for his "special" dog food. You should of heard him screaming at everyone telling everyone, "Do you know who I am?"

This is another lie that never happened.  I guess when people get creative and are in the process of lying and bashing already, the more the merrier.  For the record. Gentle Giants Rescue makes their own dog food to help dogs live longer, healthier lives.  Their dogs do eat their Gentle Giants dog food and they have dogs for adoption well into their teens that look and act like puppies, so they are clearly benefiting from their high quality food.   But they are a "rescue" with great expenses, and if someone donates dog food, they do take the donations because it costs a lot to feed as many dogs as they have and a few bags donated in the middle of 1,400 pounds of dog food a day does not dilute the overall quality of their food and its benefits for their dogs.  It just saves them a dollar or two that the rescue can and does use elsewhere to save more lives.  The situation Angela describes above never happened and Burt would never talk to anyone in that way.  And Burt has never gone anywhere ever in any attempt to get free dog food - it sounds like Angela might herself have acted that way with her "extreme financial problems and burdens" at the very same time that she is "building her career as a dog trainer" which of course makes her very concerned about money and finances and likely free dog food would mean a lot to Angela, but Burt and Tracy Ward do not have those kinds of problems and are very able to buy all the dog food they need. Not one word of what Angela has said here has even a sliver of truth, but then again we are getting used to that at this point. If GG is offered donations, they take them, as do all rescues and that is the extent of it.  Stop lying Angela, you are a sad person to watch in action.

(6) Angela's last statement and perhaps her nastiest comment yet is:

"Tracy can appear very sweet and nice, but remember you are doing HER the favor in fostering a dog for her, that she can't keep on her property, because if she has too many dogs, the city of Norco will take them away. Then she loses money."

Another very false and very nasty attack.  The city of Norco works with GG and appreciates GG.  Gentle Giants Rescue has never had a single violation in their city in the 14 years they have been operating because they follow the rules and have standards that far exceed everything that most others would even strive for.  If GG wants to rescue more dogs than can be on their property,  GG arranges for foster homes and sometimes boards dogs.   GG could just let these dogs die in the shelters and not pay to board them like Angela has chosen to do with her "financial burdens," but GG is dedicated to saving their breeds and they always do. GG loses money continuously because they do take the dogs and spend whatever is necessary on them. Tracy Ward often donates her own money to GG to save lives - the rescue doesn't generate enough money to cover all the expenses.  Every rescue attempts get their adopters to foster dogs so that they can rescue more dogs when there are so many in need. Over the years, GG spent tens of thousands of dollars boarding dogs each year.  In 2007, GG tried much harder to get the dogs fostered and now has so many dogs in foster homes that love them that their boarding expenses have gone way down.  GG adopters know that they are doing GG and the dogs a great favor by fostering them because money does not have to be spent on boarding and can be used for other things that the dogs need.  All money taken in by Gentle Giants Rescue is spent on the dogs, Tracy donates money into GG as her charity.  She does not take anything from GG nor will she ever.  GG is a California 501(c)(3) public benefit charity.   Tracy does "appear very sweet and nice" because she is, Angela - unlike you -  and Tracy does let all of her adopters know just how much she appreciates their help in fostering and in giving great homes to the dogs she rescues.  Tracy was disappointed to have wasted her valuable time on a liar like you, Angela!  She will make sure not to make that mistake again with you.  It is unfortunate that no matter how nice you are to some people, you can't make people more than what they are.  A person who can so easily lie to anyone, can also so easily lie to everyone!!!!! Now we know you very well, Angela!!!

The Wards Finance Gentle Giants - Gentle Giants Does Not Finance the Wards

As fact, Burt and Tracy Ward are independently wealthy and are philanthropists.  They don't take money from GG, but instead, they donate tens of thousands of dollars of their own money each year to help pay the very high expenses of operating the rescue.  Gentle Giants Rescue spends far more on caring for its animals than most rescues can even dream about.  They have spent as much as ten thousand dollars saving individual dogs in need of complex surgeries and hundreds of hours of after care and therapy.  And all of that is on top of the insurmountable expense of transporting and caring for 1,000 to 1,500 dogs each year for more than 14 years.

Numerous television shows have been filmed at Gentle Giants Rescue, their website has more than 450 pages of happy dogs and happy adopters showing the truth of what a great a rescue they are, and people visiting always comment that they have never seen so many happy, healthy and gorgeous dogs in one place at one time.  And that is a fact!  Operation of Gentle Giants Rescue takes an enormous amount of love, time, effort and money - and they put all of it into the rescue.  The Wards should be applauded and appreciated for their great ongoing contribution, not lied about and maligned by nasty, lying people who are so far removed from being able to do or even understand that such a thing can be done.  It is very sad that a person like Angela can't possibly comprehend the rescue's accomplishments, because her whole life is about money and her lack of it.  She is so low class and desperate that she has inappropriately written about her own money problems on the very TOP of the only rescue website she has ever started and then closed because of her financial failure.  Is is sad that she even used her friend, Elaine Hudson, to take a feeble shot at lying about Tracy Ward and Gentle Giants Rescue so that she could have her 15 minutes of fame on the internet.  When you read what Angela has so venomously written about the Wards, it is clear to see that she is telling you what she would do - take money that was going to be used for dogs - but that is because she has none and is desperate. 

Burt and Tracy Ward have more than enough money to support themselves and to support their rescue, too.  They are so selfless that they have spent 14 years supporting Gentle Giants Rescue and saving the lives of more than 11,000 dogs they have adopted and rescued - this includes dogs transported to other rescues over the years and dogs that they have paid for treatment of at shelters that were not even their breeds but that they felt inclined to help.  These are the facts.  Burt and Tracy Ward should be commended for the charitable work and donations that they have made to save so many lives. As a fact, Gentle Giants Rescue will continue to be known as the great rescue it is saving lives every day of dogs that few have the resources to save, to spend everything it takes and go above and beyond as they have done until each dog can be found a safe, loving home where they will be happy for life.

After reading the email on this site from Angela, Tracy Ward called her friend, Elaine Hudson, the founder of West Coast Mastiff Rescue. 

Here is what
Elaine Hudson had to say about Angela's lies:

"I am shocked and sickened  that Angela would say that - she was only there with me once and I think we were there for about 10 or 15 minutes at the most that day, so how she came up with all of those lies is beyond me. I have been to your home on so many occasions over the last two years and have seen the opposite.  I have always seen how you take every dog in need, regardless of how much it will take to care for them. And I can vouch for the fact that every dog I have taken from you was in good health or I would not have taken them. 

I told you that our rescue cannot afford the high medical costs and other expenses that you do, but that we would help by taking dogs that we could place and help you make room to take the needy ones so that you would not have to pay boarding for them. It is good for both of us. Though you have to forgo getting anything back from the dogs that you have saved and already have paid all the medical fees for, you do have the benefit of not having to board each of them for hundreds of dollars a month. And because you know that we are a reputable rescue - like you - that does not breed, we assure you that these dogs that you have rescued and cared for will be safe just as they would have been had they stayed with you. What I am really amazed is that Angela has no proof about anything you have just read to me, and even I can say that every statement of hers is a flat out lie. I, on the other hand, have been to your property many times and have seen the proof that you are a great rescue and do all that you can to save lives and that the dogs are treated wonderfully. I have seen proof to extreme degrees that you follow all the rules and that the dogs are beautiful, healthy and clean and I would tell it to anyone. You can give them my phone number and I will stand up for the truth and let them know that this was a vicious attack that has no basis in truth whatsoever, despite the fact that this person Angela came with me.

I will make sure that I let people know that everything she has stated is an outright lie. I think of you as a friend and a fellow rescuer, and I enjoy working with you. I believe that our rescues have worked very cooperatively together and I hope that we can continue to work together to save more lives well into the future. As I already said, you can give my phone number to anyone and I will tell it to them myself! 

I will handle this with Angela, and I let her know what a horrible thing she did and what I think of her as a person for doing it.  I am so sorry. I feel betrayed by what Angela has done, and I feel so sad that she was able to do it based on my bringing her to meet you.  I feel as bad for you as I would feel if she had done this to me because I know you are a good person. You are the one with the space and the time and the ability both financially and with all the right intentions to save these dogs. You have the perfect setup. I wish I had it. And I am sure that Angela could see the truth too, so I can't imagine why she told so many lies. I will never bring her anywhere with me again. She really is not nice and the only thing I can say in her defense is that she is young and has money problems, and I guess she just can't relate to someone like you who has all the time and money to do what most of us just dream about doing as we struggle to do what we can to the degree that we are able. We can't afford it and are so thankful to know that you always will. Whenever I come to meet with you and see your beautiful property, I am thankful that these dogs are there and are safe." 

How Gentle Giants Saves More Lives By Working  With Others:

As an example - here is a dog that Gentle Giants Rescue recently gave to WCM Rescue.  GG transported him from a shelter in Northern, CA.  He arrived skinny and sick, and was treated with Doxycycline, Drontal Pus, Advantix, Metronidazole and Albon.  He fully recovered and gained weight.  GG had him vet checked twice, updated him on all shots, and he was in good health.  He was boarded along with many others for thousands of dollars.  Elaine picked him up and here you can see him the same day she took him pictured on her website with her beautiful daughter  You can also see him being quickly adopted.  Both rescues benefitted and the end result is that the dogs benefited.  GG gained nothing from this monetarily as they spent a fortune on him, but they gained the priceless and wonderful satisfaction of knowing that by working together with others, they were able to save one more very deserving life in the endless struggle called rescue. 

Duke would have for sure died in an animal shelter had Tracy Ward not taken him out when he was skinny and sick, and now he is safe and has a great home. He was given the best medical care and love along the way.  And that is what true rescue is all about, not how much people can lie and who has the most time to gossip on the internet. Tracy Ward and Elaine Hudson are very busy saving lives and don't have time to gossip or defend vicious lies. For them, it is all about saving the dogs. For others with too much time on their hands, it is how to make up a good story and hurt good people with lies.  It makes the person who does this an "internet star" for a brief moment, but in the end, it only hurts the dogs and takes valuable time away from rescue and saving lives. For those reading this, please do not support others who write vicious lies on the internet. Remember that if anyone doesn't like you for any reason, you could be the next target.

* See what happened when a real Gentle Giants adopter tried to defend against these lies and write the truth - even just tried to share "Both Points Of View" - The Gentle Giants adopter was thrown off the message board so that ONLY the lies could remain. Click here to read what happened: "Both Points of View."

 People Who Lie: Angela Morin  
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