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 Adopters Testimonials and Letters:

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Mastiff Puppies

HI! I am looking for a mastiff puppy for adoption or for a reasonable price. Must be located in California perferably in Orange county or Riverside county. Can anyone help??
posted 12/26/03 by Cindy

Replies to: Mastiff Puppies

Re: Mastiff Puppies
I was at Gentle Giants Rescue (www.gentlegiantsrescue.com) and sat through an adoption yesterday at Burt and Tracy's house. You will not find better socialized, happier, healthier young adults dogs. Their work is amazing and they have the rescue dogs to show for it. Everyone leaves with a happy dog.
posted 10/10/04 by dave

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Lindsey, Steve, and "Dudley"

I had been looking for an English Mastiff for a while. I wanted to own one since about four years ago, however I was not too happy about the prices breeders were asking and only being able to find two breeders in California.

One day while on the internet trying to find Mastiffs for adoption (she wanted to adopt rather than buy), Lindsey found the Gentle Giants website. She filled out an application for me, and we were approved.

The house and agency are awesome. Burt and Tracy put so much love and passion into what they do and are committed to finding every dog they can a safe, loving home. They are so caring and friendly. When Tracy brought out "Promethius" whom we renamed "Dudley" I just fell in love. Later that night, we adopted him and Sunday morning brought him to his new home.

Thanks to Tracy and Burt we not only found our dog, but we came across big breeds of dogs that we had never seen before, and now have a list of about five other dogs that we hope to get from them in the future. Bringing "Dudley" home was so great and easy.

Burt and Tracy have the dogs in top shape before letting them go home with their new family. We loved that since we wanted Dudley to have an easy move and not be sick or anything else, and just be able to concentrate on getting to know the family and our home, instead of having to drove back and forth to vets.

"Dudley" is also completely trained, as all their dogs are. We have not had to correct him on any of the things that most 8 month old puppies need to be corrected for. He doesn't bark, he doesn't chew, he is housebroken, and he is just an all around AWESOME dog!

If anybody is looking to adopt a dog, whether you know the big breed you want or not, Gentle Giants is the place to go. Even if you are not thinking of a big breed dog because of all the stereotypical questions, apply to Gentle Giants and I can guarantee you will find a dog that you love. Big breed dogs are so gentle and calm, and they get along with smaller breeds wonderfully.

You will not regret adopting from Burt and Tracy, or your big dog. All the dogs at their home get along, are loveable, and are just looking for a good home. If any of you are unsure about a big breed dog, put all you concerns to rest. You can't go wrong there.


Additional Note from Lindsey

If anybody is hesitant on adopting a big breed dog, I know how you feel. Before we adopted "Dudley" I was resistant because I did not really want a big dog to terrorize my house, bark loud and at all hours, chew everything up, and get hair everywhere. I am the one that is home all the time, so I did not want to be the one always correcting it, and then have it possibly not like me as it likes Steve.

I WAS WRONG!!!! Not only do I love "Dudley" but I am the one that wants to come back and adopt the other five breeds of dogs. Steve is happy with "Dudley" and maybe would like one more, but not me. I want to own six big dogs all together now!

"Dudley" does not chew, bark, shed at all, or terrorize the house (in fact he doesn't like it when he can't see me, he becomes worried that something is wrong, so he follows me around everywhere).

Last night was his first night at our house, and he slept completely through the night. He tells us when he needs to go outside, and he does not respond to the other dogs of our neighbors.

He is an incredible, wonderful dog! He is big, but so cuddly and so loveable.

He slept in between Steve and I last night, and I completely forgot he was there, he slept so well and soundly. For everyone not so sure about a big dog, I am now a true believer that they may be better then many smaller dogs.

I was a doubter, but believe me, give Gentle Giants a chance and you will not regret it

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Irish Wolfhound Great Dane puppy "Olivia" enjoys her new
family, including her new Irish Wolfhound sister, "Falana"

September 10, 2006

Hi Burt and Tracy!

We're home!  Travel was great, and the dogs slept most of the way. 

"Olympia" is just wonderful and so well adjusted, thanks to you two.  She's blending in just fine and has frolicked a great deal (already) in the back yard. 

As for "Falana," she couldn't find a colder shoulder to offer "Olympia."  They've interacted a bit, and "Olympia's" doing her best to make friends.  We know they're going to be great companions in time!

The 'girls' and my two boys all slept together in the living room, and "Olympia" made it very well through the night.  She's just so "settled!"  I really think that has a lot to do with how well you two have socialized and loved her.

She's incredibly confident and well adjusted!  All credit to you two!

We love the name "Olympia" (so regal), and then on the car ride it transitioned to "Olivia," which then shortened itself to "Livvie."  So, now she's "Livvie."

I've reviewed our adoption agreement in the light of day (after a good night's rest from our drive home) and will continue to review it in order to keep with all timelines, etc.  Thank you for spelling things out so well, and I know I can be in touch with any questions.  We'll be ordering more food ASAP!

Burt and Tracy, we had a wonderful time meeting you, the herd, and your other guests. 

What a warm and fantastic experience!  Though we're already a dog family, your wisdom and advice certainly gave us additional confidence for the 'two-dog' process.

Burt, what a treat for us, as children of the 70's, it was to meet you, a hero of ours.  Pierce and I tried very hard not to act like schoolkids, but it really was a great honor to meet the man who kept us company on Saturday mornings..

Tracy, we could have listened to you forever.  You dispense pearls of wisdom with such entertainment!  Your love for the dogs and the confidence you exude made this process so easy.  Bless you and bless your family and bless your work - both of you.

We'll work on photos (and maybe some video!). 

Thanks to you both, and we'll be in touch.

Yours, gratefully and respectfully,


"Olivia" is a true 'gentle giant' at only 14 weeks old


Dear Burt & Tracy,
"Teddy Bear" is now renamed "Hogarth" and is a love.

He is beautiful!

Everyone in our house loves him.

He likes everybody.

Thank-you for giving us this opportunity.
  You guys are running a great rescue organization.
  We tried a a lot of names.

"Hogarth" fit just right.

  He loves the doggy bed we have for him.
  We loved all the dogs you have there - it was hard to choose just one.

We hope you find homes for the other dogs, too.

Thank-you soo much for giving us "Teddy Bear."

You will be hearing from us soon.

Lisa, Bradley, Grace, Harrison, Gavin and "Hogarth"

  Hi Tracy and Burt:

First of all, let me start by thanking both of you very much for allowing me to adopt "Rex."

Now, let me tell you about "Rex" because I know that you miss hearing about him.

Well, I adopted "Rex" about 7 months ago, and I followed your instructions for the first two weeks.

I felt that I became everything to him and he was just waiting for someone that he can trust, so he can show this person all his feelings and beautiful manners.

I am so glad that I was this person.

"Rex" is very polite and well trained, and everyday he just surprises me with something new that I did not know about him.

To me now, "Rex" is more than just a dog.

He is my best friend!

He is the one that I can trust when I can not trust anyone else.

Again, thank you, and you will see me soon to get a new friend for "Rex" and me.


 Adopters Testimonials and Letters:  
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