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 People Who Lie: Brenda Plevyak  


Brenda Plevyak is the "organizer" of a Great Dane Meetup.  Brenda owns a Great Dane named "Cowboy." Brenda has written a false story about Gentle Giants Rescue that you can read below.  Brenda will be very embarrassed when her lies are exposed for all to see. Brenda Plevyak's address is 19224 Wyler Road, Perris, CA 92570. Her telephone number (951) 536-1692 in case anyone wants to let her know that her lies about Gentle Giants Rescue aren't appreciated!  Read on and you will be amazed how many lies Brenda can pack into the email below:

  • Posted Apr 16, 2008 at 6:08 PM
Group Organizer
Riverside, CA
846th Post

I will share my experience.

I wanted a Great Dane doggie so bad that I was obsessed with getting one. Checking the internet constantly looking for a FAWN dane. Than one day I was looking in the paper and saw this add for Great Dane Puuppies. It must of been 9:00 in the evening but I didn't care. I called the add and asked the guy if I could come see the puppies. I grabbed Jennifer "my daughter" and off we went. Not knowing who these people were I knocked on their door and was lead into the Garage where there was a liter of the cutest puppies and well.. I said OMG I want that one and 550.00 dollars later I had this little ball of joy in my hands.

Now Cowboy was only 6 weeks old when they let him leave with me and come to find out that is a no no but I didn't find that out until years later that he was too young to leave his mom. They did offer to me to see his Dad but I never saw his mother and when you look at Cowboy do you think he is all Great Dane ??? I use to but now I have my doubts.

When I got him home he was sick with horrible diareah but that didn't bother me either.. I just took him to the vet and we fixed him up. See none of this stuff even bothered me because I had no clue that anything was wrong. I don't care if he is a show dog in the ring or anywhere else for that matter. He is my show dog and I love him to pieces... now he better make us some money at the kissing booth or no more chicken for him... lol

Okay... that was my story.


Brenda's whole story is completely fabricated: The real question is why did she write it? Is it for her brief moment of internet fame or is she just a habitual liar, or maybe both?

Brenda first writes about Gentle Giants Rescue in another post on her message board that
"I do not have personal experience at this rescue." - Then, she abruptly changes her story to say in another post after that "I got my Cowboy from them and also did not have any issues" suggesting that she did adopt her dog from GG and actually had a good experience with "no issues," as she says in her own words. These are two significantly different stories that she made up on the same day - how creative of her!  When asked about her adoption experience several days after her first two posts, Brenda writes another completely fabricated story that could never have happened IF she actually did adopt Cowboy from Gentle Giants Rescue.  Below is the truth exposing Brenda's bountiful lies:

1. Gentle Giants Rescue has NEVER in all of its years of rescue placed an ad in any paper for "Great Dane Puppies".    The only two ads ever placed over the years have stated: (1)
Great Dane Adoptions... for adoption to qualified loving homes; and (2) Gentle Giants and Little Giants for adoption to qualified loving homes.

2. Gentle Giants has never adopted a dog except by appointment and no appointment is made until after each potential adopter submits a detailed Adoption Application that is approved in writing. Brenda lies in her posting by saying that she called this imaginary ad at 9:00 p.m. and came right over to adopt the puppy. Gentle Giants only sets adoption appointments in the afternoon - never in the morning and never at night in its 14 years of operation!  Not true, Brenda!  But you can't be expected to know the time that Gentle Giants Rescue has adoption appointments when you've never adopted a dog from them.  So why are you lying???

If Brenda had allowed the true GG Adopters to share their experience with her instead of throwing the true GG Adopters off of her message board as she did (see below "Both Points of View" and how Brenda removed the truth from her message board), she could have known the GG Adoption process and may not have lied about how and where she adopted Cowboy.  But Brenda is not concerned with the truth, she makes sure it has no place on her message board, just the lies that she wants to promote.

3. Though GG never placed the ad that Brenda is lying about, the phone number that is placed with a Gentle Giants ad is an outgoing voice mail message line, which is NOT answered and the person calling has to leave a message.  It would be impossible for Brenda to have called the message line and have gotten an answer and have made an appointment and come right over.  Again, Brenda has fabricated another lie that never happened.

4. Brenda's fabricated story swells to even greater and bolder misstatements of fact because she is did not take the time to do some basic homework to learn more about GG before she shot her mouth off.  Apparently, she is either delusional or a pathological liar. As Brenda's fabricated story continues to escalate, it causes us to wonder who she really did "purchase" her dog, Cowboy, from? Maybe he was purchased from a garage breeder and Brenda has either confused her facts or knows the facts, but is intentionally lying as she is trying to make GG look bad.

FACT 1:  Brenda could NEVER have knocked on the door at Gentle Giants Rescue.  Gentle Giants door is more than six hundred feet behind eight foot tall locked security gates with no access except for those who have made an adoption appointment in advance or for people coming for other business or personal reasons.  Brenda would have had to push the intercom button up at the street by Gentle Giants front gate six hundred feet from their door.  If she had an appointment at 9:00 pm which she did not, she would have been let in and would have been asked to drive down the driveway and wait for someone to come out and meet her.

FACT 2:  No one, regardless whether or not they had an adoption appointment to adopt a dog, or for any other reason, has ever knocked on the door at Gentle Giants Rescue in 14 years of them doing rescue.  GG's compound has 8' tall wrought iron inner security fencing.  Brenda would have had to bring a ladder to climb over the sharp, arrow topped fencing - Brenda is not likely that agile!

FACT 3:  There is NO GARAGE at Gentle Giants Rescue nor has there ever been a garage on their premises. Since there is no garage, Gentle Giants could NEVER have had puppies in a garage that doesn't exist. You can look at more than 450 pages on GG's website and you will never see a garage because there in no garage on the property!

5. At this point, we want to say "Enough Is Enough!"  How can one person tell so many lies!!!! - but she continues.....  She is trying to make Gentle Giants Rescue look bad with this false story, but she is only digging herself deeper into her own hole with her lies.  Brenda then says
"I never saw his mother and when you look at Cowboy do you think he is all Great Dane ??? I use to but now I have my doubts."

FACT 4:  Everyone who has ever adopted from Gentle Giants Rescue knows that they never guarantee that any dog they adopt is or is not a purebred because Gentle Giants Rescue is a RESCUE, NOT A BREEDER.  At the time of adoption, everyone is told that and it is written in the GG Adoption Agreement that is signed by every Adopter that "Age and breed is an approximation based on owner information and Rescuer's experience and cannot specifically be guaranteed or relied upon as anything other than a best guess estimate." 

Gentle Giants Rescue has NEVER bred a dog and the Wards are rescuers not breeders.  They make a point to specifically tell adopters this and the fact that they were not there when the dogs they rescue were born and have no way of guaranteeing that any dog is a specific breed.  They take the dogs as they are - they love them, care for them and do the best they can to find them loving homes where they will be happy and safe for life!  Even if the dogs are given up to Gentle Giants Rescue by their owners with their papers, Gentle Giants Rescue NEVER makes any guarantees. 

In another post, Brenda states that she had a nervous anxiety breakdown and could not leave her home because of anxiety for years, possibly because it is hard for her to remember all her lies and still function in a world based on fact and truth.  The Rules for Brenda's message board written by Brenda also say "be kind to your fellow Dane luvers." Yet Brenda is making up complete lies about GG and bashing them at the top of her website and is clearly showing no respect for this rescue that has saved thousands of lives and has thousands of happy adopters.
Brenda is a miserable person who bashes people she knows nothing about and cares less if she is lying!

6. Brenda states that she adopted Cowboy at 6 weeks from Gentle Giants Rescue.

FACT 5:  Gentle Giants Rescue adopts puppies at 8 weeks or older, not younger and certainly not at 6 weeks. This is stated at the top of every page of their website: "For Adoption: 8 weeks and up."  Puppies at Gentle Giants Rescue get the most comprehensive veterinary care and puppy shot program to protect them from the dangers and diseases present in the real world today and puppy adopters get the best advice to keep them healthy. 

7. Brenda's fabricated story continues with her statement that Cowboy was sick when she got him and had to take him to a vet to get it taken care of.

FACT 6:  No dog, puppy or otherwise, is EVER released by Gentle Giants Rescue to anyone UNLESS AND UNTIL a licensed veterinarian examines the dog and determines it to be in good health on the same day that it is released to an Adopter.  Gentle Giants Rescue receives a signed, written statement from each licensed veterinarian that each dog is in good health on the day it goes to its new home!

If Brenda had really adopted Cowboy from Gentle Giants Rescue, as everyone reading can conclude by now that she did not, Cowboy would have been driven to the vet to be vet checked again on the day that he went home.  Soooo, lets say if Brenda really had made that 9:00 p.m. appointment that we now know never happened, Brenda would NOT have been able to take Cowboy home that night because she would have had to come back the next day to get him AFTER he was driven to a licensed veterinarian to be examined and AFTER he had gotten a clean bill of health from the vet to go home. 

Brenda would have also been told that if Cowboy had then gotten sick or ill in any way in the next day or so after the adoption, she would have been told to call Gentle Giants and they would have paid for their vet to re-examine him and treat him for anything that could have compromised his health in that short period of time.  The reason for this is that Gentle Giants Rescue truly cares about their dogs, they have dedicated their lives to saving their breeds and truly want to make sure that every adopter has the best chance of having a great experience.  Brenda's "story" is just that - a false, concocted story full of lies, and we are still left to wonder why? Why make up this whole story, Brenda, as if you had adopted the dog from Gentle Giants Rescue?  If you truly did adopt a dog from GG, NONE of what you have written in your seemingly innocent account above could have happened!!!

In conclusion, Brenda, you will need to get a lot smarter to fabricate better quality lies if you expect anyone to believe you!  More than 10,000 real adopters who have had great experiences at Gentle Giants Rescue, including the one banned from Brenda's message board, can attest to the fact that Brenda's story of adoption isn't even close to the adoption process facilitated at Gentle Giants. Any true adopter could tell you that your story is not the way ANY adoption HAS EVER happened nor will it ever happen at GG.  If you're going to make up a story in the future, at least you should research and talk to a few people who have been there to get a few of the facts straight.  

Unfortunately for you, Brenda, everybody reading this information now knows that you are a liar and nothing you have to say to anyone about anything carries any credibility!  Your 15 minutes of internet fame is now over, so you can crawl back under your barren rock of obscurity!
The facts clearly reveal that Brenda's story is completely false and makes you wonder why she felt the need to make up such lies about a rescue that she never really researched or worked with.

* See what happened when a real Gentle Giants adopter tried to defend against these lies and write the truth on Brenda's Great Dane Meet-Up message board - even just tried to share "Both Points Of View" - The Gentle Giants adopter was thrown off the message board by Brenda so that ONLY the lies could remain.  Click here to read what happened: "Both Points of View"


Brenda Plevyak is now lying again - right now -
on her Meet-up Message board by saying that she removed the GG Adopter from her meet-up message board NOT because she has a different opinion which is the truth, but Brenda instead is falsely saying that she removed the GG adopter because she cross posted her email  and "breached her trust" which is another BIG LIE from Brenda. (read more about Brenda Plevyak's many more lies)


Brenda Admits that she is a LIAR and Brenda also admits that she lied about adopting Cowboy from GG. She even admits that she DID NOT ADOPT COWBOY FROM GG! (read here)

 People Who Lie: Brenda Plevyak  
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